nitoTV/Apple TV doesn't show DVD on Intel Mac Leopard

Help! I can’t access the DVD drive on my Mac (Leopard) from nitoTV 0.5 on the AppleTV 2.1. Where should it appear? If I use the network section in nitoTV on the AppleTV menu, the finder (on AppleTV) just restarts when I enter a username and password (same for login as guest). Sharing is enabled on the Mac for DVD and File Sharing (SMB/AFP). What am I missing? :?

Bump. Same issue here.

Using the instructions here:
I was able to get my MacBook Pro connected to my ATV.

However, while I can see my shared folders on the ATV, I can not see or connect to my DVD drive.

I do have CD/DVD sharing turned on onth eMac.


Streaming directly from a computers DVD drive is not supported. What you can do is rip your DVD using a program such as Mac the Ripper, and play those files on the Apple TV. This allows you to convert your library of DVDs to a digital media collection, and utilize the Apple TV as a front end for accessing it.