NitoTV and XBMC Menus Missing after Update All failure

I went to perform an “Update all” within NitoTV, it crashed in the middle and now I no longer have NitoTV or XBMC in my main AppleTV menu.  I’ve attempted to uninstall and re-install both NitoTV and XBMC with the same results.  I’ve unplugged and killed AppleTV numerous times with no luck.   As best as I can tell both NitoTV and XBMC ARE installed they are just not displaying in the main AppleTV menu.   I’ve searched around for two days, but unable to find anyone else with a similar issue.   Any suggestions?





I have the same problem,I wrote to firecore team but no answer till now,I am disappointed I paid 29,95$ for nothing.


Me to really fed up now !!!


same here: no XBMC available

can you reflash?

Why don’t you do an Apple restore and do the ATV Flash all over again.


I have no problems with the install and my Apple TV 1 is on firmware 3.0.2

I executed the following command in a terminal window to the jailbroken ATV2, which fixed the problem.

apt-get install beigelist=2.1-2

Fully explanation can be found at

Good Luck.

Gave the “apt-get install beigelist=2.1-2” a try but even after downgrading this, I still don’t have any of the old menu options.   Thanks for the post though.  I’m thinking I will have to wait until the latest jailbreak comes out so I can upgrade the iOS version and then re-jailbreak.