NitoTV and NFS mounted volumes

Hi all,

I have previously Mounted volumes on a synology NAS using SMB. This worked ok over Cable LAN but wifi caused pauses in video - so I stuck with Cable LAN.
Recently i installed a new eTrayz NAS and quickly had SMB volumes being mounted with same pauses in video playback - both with wifi and cable LAN [s not an option]

It was suggested I use NFS for better performance however when using the same settings as SMB, and changing only Mount type to NFS, when i try to mount, i get
Permission Denied
I am using an established account / password on the NAS, i have added the aTV IP to authorised IP address’s on the NAS drive [NFS] and all other settings work for SMB mounts but not NFS

I really would prefer to use “NitoTV > Network > Add Manual Share Point” to do this rather than resort to the terminal [why not - its there…]

Has anyone got this working in NitoTV… i cannot image it is there - but not working?
Screen shots?

My config:
Mount Name: sMovies
Mount Type: nfs
Mount Address:
Required Authentication: yes [tried no also]
User Login appletv
password: xxxx
volume Path: Public Disk/Media1
Auto mount: off
Use Custom Path: off
Custom Path:
Extra Arguments:

I did read here to use an extra parameter -p

but then got new ‘usage’ error for the various parameters: usage: mount _nfs [-23bcdiKkLIMPsT][-a maxreadahead][-g maxgroups][-m realm][=o options][-R retycnt][-r readsize][-t timeout]][-w writesize][-x retrans] rhost:path node

BTW… would LOVE a browse feature :wink:

Thx all for positive feedback


You may want to try adjusting your Volume Path. This should be the name of the drive/folder you are wanting to access.

E.G. Public Disk

many thanks but that is the folder i need. These details are ok for smb.

i have got this wrong?

thx for all hints as this stops me from using this as a media center.


Do you know if your NAS devices supports the NFS protocol?

yes - it’s supported.
i have eTrayz with nfs enabled and the appleTV IP declared to the nfs service.

the eTrayz… after some evolving firmware… will shape up to be a good nas.

Many Thx M