NitoTV and fetching meta data

I’m looking for guidance on the proper way/instructions to capture meta data/cover art for movies.  My current set up is the following:

Macbook Pro, Apple TV Gen 1, Apple Time Capsule 2TB

Rip movies using Handbrake, movies are stored on Apple Time Capsule, all in the same folder - Movies.  I don’t have any sub folders.

I then use iFlicks to “capture” meta data, this re-saves the file and deletes the original, it makes a -1 after the file name which I manually change to make sure all movie files are exactly how they should appear.  This works fine as it looks correct within iTunes.

I’m able to mount successfully and use NitoTV to view my movies however I can’t seem to get the meta info to populate.  When i scroll within my movies folder, the left box is black and has “exec” in green.  I believe this is where the cover art should populate?

I’ve also tried using the Media tab, Collections, I can view my movies here as well but still no meta data, just a box with a $ symbol

Any recommendations?  Thanks in advance for any replies.





After reading some support forums, my issue now is with NitoTV and Sapphire. It seems that the Custom path mount from NitoTV isn’t working properly, my Time Capsule has various folders within the main root “Data” folder, ie Macbook Pro.sparsebundle, Pictures folder, Music folder, Movies folder, etc. (it’s a back up so this shouldn’t be a surprise). When i try to create a Custom Path mount, it still pulls all additional folders to view. This makes it difficult for Sapphire to Import Data since it is also scanning these folders.

So to sum up my question:

  1. How do I create a Custom Path to my Movies folder located on my Time Capsule. The current path is Data/Movies. Do i need to type it EXACTLY like the path something like: TimeCapsule/Data/Movies? I have the Volume Path as “Data”, Custom Path = Yes, and Custom Path as “Movies” This didn’t give me the result I wanted because when I go to Files and select the “Data” mount, I can still see on the other folders including Movies.

I hope only having the Movies folder mounted and nothing else will allow me to finally capture the Meta data from Sapphire, I tried Import Data but once it goes to my backup sparsebundle, it tries to scan and then goes black, I then have to restart my AppleTV to unfreeze. I’d like to enjoy the art work, description and more importantly search by genre rather than having to scroll just by movie name.