nitoTV and .avi


i have problems with my .avi files....when i start playing the videofiles (.avi) in nito the sound is scratching like a needle scratches over vinyl.

any ideas what happened?

if i play the same file on my prob!




is your AppleTV connected to an AV receiver? You can try disabling the 'AC3 Passthrough' option found in the Maintenance --> Settings menu.

I am having the same issue. I have my AppleTV connected to a Sony amplifier which is capable of doing the AC3 decoding.

I noticed that divx files with mp3 sound work flawless with NitoTV, but with AC3 sound it's just a high screeching sound.
Playing the same xvid with AC3 sound with sapphire works though. The same for XBMC.

After playing the file with sapphire for a few seconds and opening the file with NitoTV gives me the same result. NitoTV then plays the file without problems.

So i figured it might be a problem with NitoTV. I just did a factory reset op my ATV to 3.0.2 and loaded ATVFLASH 4.2.1

I just did an install of perian and nitotv. Nothing else. Problem is still there. A high screeching sound in playback.

How do i fix the AC3 sound to properly decode it on my amplifier using NitoTV?
I must have tried al settings by now.