NitoTV and AC3 5.1 Problem

Okay, my English not good, I’m from germany, but I hope your can understand and help me.

I have ATV Flash Pro, when I play a DVD with NitoTV, I have Dolby 5.1, but I will play converted Matroska Files.
Ok, I convert the Video to Apple TV HD with Xilisoft (5000 kbps, 720p, mp4) without Sound.

I extract the AC3 File or the DTS File with MKVextract from MKV, to convert DTS in AC3 / 5.1 I use XMedia Recode.
With “Yam” I can merge the AC3 and the mp4 to a Movie with Audio and Video (I have Windows 7).

Now I copy the File to my external USB Hard Drive in FAT32, is the File larger then 4 GB, I split the File without new converting with “Boilsoft Media Splitter” in two Files.

In NitoTV, Quicktime can’t play it, but the MPlayer, AC3 Paththrough is enabled and I hear “Helicopter sound” with the MPlayer. When I disable AC3 Passthrough, I get Stereo Sound. XBMC doesn’t play the Sound to, when AC3 is enabled / DTS disabled and XBMC can’t play DVDs with Dolby Digital (no Sound).
When I change to analog, I have Stereo. Apple TV is conected with a optical Cable to my Kenwood Receiver and with HDMI to the TV.

Why can NitoTV Play DVDs in Dolby Digital 5.1 but not my MP4 Files with AC3?
Pleas help me :frowning:


Now I had reset ATV, installed the Firmware Update and create a new USB-Stick with ATV Flash, the problem is the same, AC3 5.1 Sound a… what is the english name? Scratching? Rattering? And no Sound with XBMC, only with analog setting in stereo. I make AVI HD Files now from the Matroska movies, wth 8000k, 720p and AC3 5.1, the convertion with the “Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 6” (available for Windows and Mac) is very faster than a convertion to mp4 and Quicktime can play it to (with stereo sound). When the MKV has a AC3 Track, I extract it and use the original, is it DTS, I convert it to AC3 5.1 and use “AVI Mux” to multiplexing audio and video.

But i like XBMC much more, I play it analog and set the Receiver to “Pro Logic”, but I wished I can play it in 5.1 with the MPlayer or XBMC. Has anybody a idea what is the problem?

I tested the Files (AVI and MP4) with a Computer who had a digital output. The 5.1 Sound works fine on PC and now I can sync ATV with iTune for the rest of week, it’s very slow to transfer 160 GB to the box :frowning: