Nitotv - airport extreme - Can't connect


I have an airport extreme with a 1TB usb hd plugged in the back.

I want to move the files I have onto this hard drive and have my appletv read from there via a wireless network.

At present I back up my mac to this via timevault; So this drive can be seen on the network, I can write to it from windows, mac and linux. If I plug the USB hd straight in the back of my appletv I can run dvds from there.

If I open my appletv. Then Nito/Network, the share shows up automatically as “Living Room afpovertcp”, if I use either the guest login or registered user the appleTV give me a

“error -1069 = No servers at that address”

How can I get my appleTV and airport extreme to talk together. I want to buy another appletv, but can’t until I can get this or something like this going.



Hi there!
For the record, you did run the smart installer with recovery.dmg present, right?
General question: Does afpovertcp only show up with afp up and running?

Is the recovery.dmg the same as the update.dmg?

I did this

Can I change my airport so it does nfs or something supported?

I doubt that update.dmg is the right one.
The recovery.dmg is drawn from the 1.0 firmware (the only official source) or handcrafted (not entirely legit, copyright issues) and is the only way to activate afp. better take a look in the knowledgebase of the forum. there is a thread called “Enabling AFP/SMB Access on the Apple TV” which covers almost everything.

with recovery.dmg not present, you didn´t activate afp hence no connection via afp. have you tried a smb connection?

Any ideas where to get the unofficial version?

not sure if forum rules allow further instructions on this one.
google a bit and most importantly check the md5 hashes of the aquired file.
awkwardtv forum will help you, too.
good luck

If you are trying to create the restore.dmg file just follow the first part of Step 2 in this PDF.

So is that the same as starting off with a version 1 appletv?

If it is which firmware do I download there’s 2 listed?

If I’ve decided I’ve had enough can I set my airport extreme to serve smb? Because as I understand it I need to install bonjour for windows to view my windows hd from a windows machine and I think life might be too short to try and do a similar work around for ATV.

As a side note to ATV management - I am becoming a little disappointed with ATV. It is as I see it very similar to other hacks only I paid for the pleasure of this one and with every upgrade something seems to get fixed something else broken. I use linux on my main machines, am not afraid to tinker but I thought this product was a little more polished than it seems to be. Maybe you should be a little clearer with it’s limitations?
If I remember rightly from my linux machine I can read/view whatever a hfs drive (it’s been a long time since I tried and forgive me if not possible but I have and idea it can be done) so why can’t this capability be bolted into the ATV flash and put everyone out of their misery? This issue has been going on for too long and it doesn’t really appear to be cutting edge so please try and fix it. In my eyes it’s showing what is potentially a great project in a bad light.