NitoTV 0.55

Hi guys!
NitoTV 0.55 is up and running.
This will put an end to a lot of issues discussed here. iso mouting, keymapping, green bars and mouse locators, DVD menus, aspect ratios etc. Everything should be fixed with the return of the DVD.playback framework.

Just installed it and it runs like hell :slight_smile:
So stop fiddling with your settings and wait ´til the atvflash guys come forward with the next release (or if you can´t wait go to the akward forum, get the files and do it yourself)


Did I miss something? I’ve got NitoTV 0.5.6 and my ATV freezez everytime i try to play a dvd file. Freezes the instant I select the file and press “play”. Help… Someone?

0.5.5 installed fine for me, so I skipped 0.5.6
You did run the smart installer after installation, did you?

May not be related but I copied the combo Update (10.4.9) in the documents folder pior to use smart installer.

Wild guesses …


Yes, I did all the above… Still Freezes. (But the effort was appreciated… :-))
Did anyone get 0.5.6 to work?
Would be nice to know if there’s any sense to try a total reset/reinstall.


yes, and it works great :smiley:

Do you have copied the combo Update (10.4.9) and the recovery.dmg (with os.dmg ATV 1.0 ) in the documents folder pior to use smart installer.

Hope that helps.

Greetz guibaa

No, I didn’t put the recovery.dmg (with os.dmg ATV 1.0 ) in the documents folder. Where can I download it? And what does it do? (Of relevance to my DVD-freeze).

Thankful! for all initiated help!

  1. Factory restored my Apple TV and upgraded to 2.1
  2. Installed NitoTV 0.5. DVD’s played again.
  3. Upgraded to 0.5.6 - DVD’s froze again.
  4. Downgraded again. works fine.

Problem must be with the NitoTV 0.5.6???

A funny side effect. When I only had two movies on my Apple TV, they showed up under “Users/frontrow/Movies” in Sapphire. When I uploded my 60 gigs, the menus are empty again…