NitoTV 0.5.6 freezes on .img file

0.5.6 makes my atv freeze the instant as I put the “cursor” on an .img file and press “play”. Any qualified guesses why? (Tried to reinstall etc)

The latest version of nitoTV (0.5.6) features some great improvements to Video_TS playback. It requires the Smart Installer to be ran, even if it was previously ran, to benefit from the new features, but playback is much improved.

  1. Update to aTV Flash 3.3.1
  2. Run smart installer as described (
  3. Change DVD > Settings > Playback Mode to Quicktime.

if got the same problem with nito and atvflash 3.3.1 when i whant to install smart installer i get an error if douwloaded the mac os combi update but i get an error reading the file…what to do about this problem???

Make sure you are copying the entire DMG file, not just the pkg file inside the DMG.

the smart update workt but still have the same troubles when i select a .iso or img file my atv freezes. and i have to reset my atv… why??

Are you running the latest 3.3.1 version of aTV Flash? If so, make sure you have the Playback mode set to Quicktime or Mixed in DVD > Settings. This is the optimal setting for playback in the latest version of nitoTV.

im running 3.3.1 version of aTV flash and i set the playback mode to mixed but still atv freezes up when i click on a .iso file
Video_TS file runs good…

Same here. Did as instructed. Still freezes. When I downgrade to NitoTV 0.5 i can play img, iso etc without problem.I have however never been able to get any recovery.dmg file. Is that the problem? If so, does anyone know of a bittorrent site where I can download it? (Haven’t got access to any atv 1.0)