Nito used to work, then wouldn't show mount as previous...

I’ve had problems with Nito on and off. I had it all set up and running fine for a few months…then a few times, I would go into “Files” - and the mount i had set up did not appear. That cleared up and things were as usual and now again, I had a day of it not showing my mount at all on the “files” screen, then after I reset my computer and may ATV, the mount is back on the screen as labelled before but it will not launch, it just sits there when I click on it. Movies to the same directory work with xmbc so its not anything I don’t think thats changed on my computer.

Any suggestions?

I do have a movie that I think is on the ATV itself and it consistently shows up and runs well from “files” if that helps any.
Thankyou in advance.

I have the same problem… any fix??

Is your computer being shut off or put into standby mode? If so the share should be first unmounted from the AppleTV. You can unmount a share by highlighting it in the nitoTV --> Files menu and pressing the left arrow (<<) button.