Nito TV update not completing

I have updated Nito TV many times.  However, something went wrong.  In the Maintenance menu, an update is indicated.  When I select Update, the progress bar appears to jump to about half way, then the ‘rest’ of the update scrolls the bar, a pause, then an error that the update failed.  I’m guessing something is corrupted.  What might it be?  Where is it stored and what do I do to re-install it, if that is what is needed.

I’m having the same issue as this could someone from FireCore please give an explanation. I’m also having issues with seeing anything under the files menu on the NitoTV menu, meaning it’s not reading my external HD. It all worked before i had to factory restore and re install ATV flash. I’ve followed the install demo to a T and nothing seems to be working. 

Which version of AppleTV software are you running?

Your best option may be to re-install the latest version using a USB flash drive. 

Pretty sure i’d be running the latest version i’ll have to check. i only just factory reinstalled it 4 days ago and updated the install. i would assume it the latest version.