Nito TV network connections Windows 7 permissions

I have ATV Flash installed on ATV but am having problems mounting a drive thats on my PC

Have tried every possible method but I am confinced that (as ususal) its a windows problem

I am running Windows 7 (have also tried it on Windows Vista on another drive)

The network streaming section on ATV Flash Wiki page only seems to show XP settings?

Im generally getting this error

Network Mount Failed!

mount_smbfs: tree connect phase failed:
syserr = Permission denied

Have changed the setting in Volume Path as I thought that was the problem

I am trying to share an entire drive on my system, which I have set to shared.

The drive is simply named Storage (E:)

Having changed the Volume Path to simply ‘E’

I get an error saying E: socket not connected

I get the permissions error when I simply have Storage in the Volume Path so obviously this is right and its just Windows Permissions that is stopping it

I have checked through all the additional advanced sharing settings that are available in Windows 7/Vista and enabled everying possible to make sure the permissions work

I must be missing something?

Hi Jasonrflash,

I experienced exactly the same problem with Windows 7 and have also tried all sort of methods, but still no luck. On the other hand, v4.03 can work with my QNAP 209 Pro2 NAS under AFP and SMB protocols. Can anyone help?!

I also experienced the problem of recognizing the USB drive, maybe it’s because of FAT32 format. I’ll try to reformat the disk to MacOS Ext (Journaled) and retry again tonight.


I Got it to work, tinkered about with the Volume Path and also set the the folders in the drive I am accessing to ‘shared’

Though after I got it to work I put Volume Path back to simply E and it worked

Only problem now is after I turn ATV off or pc off I have to tinker with it again as it doesnt seem to remember it even though I have automount on

Besides that I am fairly happy with it, though it is stuttering on really good quality videos (720P and BD Rips)