Nito TV Files Option

The files option on Nito TV has no effect. It used to provide an error message if no files were found, but now selecting the menu option has no effect at all. I don’t have any local files, but I did have a USB drive connected.

I’m on version 4.1.4 and have installed all the latest updates.

It sounds like the drive is not being recognized. Do you know the format of the drive? Has the Smart Installer been run?

The drive is a 512GB FAT volume. I have successfully connected it to a Mac Pro among other machines. What is odd is that when you select the Nito TV “Files” menu option, it used to provide a separate screen that would indicate when no files are available. It doesn’t do that now, whether any drives are connected or not. Clicking on the menu option makes the normal menu “click” sound, but doesn’t do anything else, so you’re still left at the Nito TV menu.

Since this behavior is constant whether an external drive is attached or not, I’m thinking that it’s not a drive issue.

Oh, and yes, the Smart Installer has been run.

Is the drive remaining connected to the AppleTV at all times? If not, you will want to unmount it prior to disconnecting it. You can safely unmount the drive through the nitoTV → Files menu. Simply highlight the drive and press the left arrow (<<) button. The drive will disappear from the list and can then be safely disconnected.

To get the drive recognized again you may try restarting the AppleTV and connecting the drive after the AppleTV menu appears.