nito tv died on .iso file

For playing back DVDs I copied the Video_TS folders to AppleTV. I tried a .iso file yesterday. Although my mplayer on windows plays .iso fine, it rebooted my AppleTV. Is there any overview of which file formats are stable under mplayer on AppleTV? I am getting less impressed with the media play back capabilities of the device… :cry:

Has anyone been capable of playing .iso files?

In the comments to 0.5.5 nito wrote, the recovery.dmg would be necessary for iso playback via the framework. at least it could be understood that way. could be worth a try to get your hands on it (not so hard but I won´t elaborate on this).

With firmware 2.3 it has become a real option to abandon dvd´s and go .m4v (support for multiple audio tracks, chapters and soft subtitles) which is a great thing but a different topic :slight_smile: