Nito TV crashing

Hey all

updated to the new 3.0.1 and 4.0.1 and now Nito Tv crashes when i try and play a movie from a external mounted hard drive when i press play title i get the apple logo and then it crashes to the main menu of the apple tv

anyone got any ideas as this used to work on the 3.0 and 4.0

Many thanks

ditto. Seems the newer 4.01 isn’t working perfectly. Besides, Nito crashing, my boxee/xmbc menu has also disappeared in main menu, after trying to dl the newer version via the Download option in the submenu. :cry:

Same here I thought I was at fault or hallucinating as boxee/xmbc was originally on the menu screen then after I ran all the updates for it and returned to the main menu it was no longer an option I haven’t tried the nito fully. I was watching a movie using Sapphire from a connected hard drive and it worked fine.
Guess another update will be forthcoming soon.

I am thinking it is a NITO issue not ATV Flash since I have NOT updated to 3.01 or 4.01 but I did run the update on the Maintenance menu to upgrade NITO to the latest version. It ran fine before I updated and on NITO’s site it states the update is good for 3.0 and 3.01.
Now some files aren’t playing, blank screen with sound. Others make the finder reboot yet some will play.
I am going to play with it a bit more and see exactly which files are crashing it.
I have MP4, MKV and AVI files.

As for XMBC and just ran the Maintenance upgrade and it loaded the latest Beta 3 version of launcher (3.2 Beta3) and it works fine and plays all my media listed above.