Nito Smart installer problems

Good Day

I have just purchased ATV flash and have installed a couple plug-ins. However I am unable to instal the NitoTV smart installer :frowning: it first tells me that it is going to download the update and they says "an error has occurred. It gives no further information.

I have read somewhere about downloading the 10.4.9 update manually and putting it in the documents folder or something…

One of the main reasons I bought the software was to unlock some of the features available after using the smart installer.

I am sure I have a new connections as I have the codec pack and Mplayer.

Could someone pls pls help.


SSH into the AppleTV and SCP the file to the /Users/frontrow/Documents folder on the AppleTV.

I’m having this issue also. What is SSH and SCP?

Searching those with google just seems to suggest all I have to do is copy the dmg file into the doc folder. Is that correct?

I have downloaded the .dmg file to my desktop. Just need more info…

EDIT: I should also mention that I can’t find the /Users/frontrow/Documents folder on the AppleTV, using Cyberduck.

When connected via Cyberduck the DMG file can be placed into the Documents folder.

Hello, again.

I’ve found a copy of the dmg file in a “Documents” folder on the Apple TV.

However, this document folder appears to be in a root folder, because I cannot locate any “users” or “frontrow” folders on the Apple TV.


When connected via FTP you will automatically start in the ‘Users/frontrow’ folder. You can connect via SFTP to see the contents of other parts of the system.

Hi again.

I am using Cyberduck to access the Apple TV.

If I do have the proper dmg file in the Documents folder, and I’m getting the error message still, is there something further I need to do? Mount the dmg image perhaps?

That is definitely not normal. What version of aTV Flash (Maintenance → About) and nitoTV (nitoTV → About) are you running?

Hello, again.

It’s running ATV Flash 4.1.5 and Nito 0.9.4 (take three).

And just to be clear, it’s the mplayer component that won’t let me update it. I get the “an error has occurred” message…