Nito & Networking

I’m having trouble getting my network up and running.

I think (and may be wrong) I may be having a problem with my Nito. I haven’t used it in a while because we always use Sapphire. All our video files are on external hard drives and have no problem using sapphire, in fact, nito recognizes the files but it crashes the system when we try to play one, thus I think something is wrong with my Nito.

This is not really the issue I am having. All of this is coming up because I got a Linksys media hub so I can network the whole house off the media hub instead of having to unplug a hard drive every time I want to switch between my desktop and one of the atv’s. The cool thing (I thought) is that the media hub has USB ports so I just have to plug in the hard drives there and leave it alone.

I got it all up and running on my desktop (I can see the media hub and play files off the external drives plugged into the hub) but when I go to “network” in Nito all I see is “add manual share point”. I added all the information but keep on getting errors when trying to mount the network.

The hub does work with bonjour so it should just automatically come up.

All my computers are Mac and everything is connected to my router with a cable. Nothing is wireless - I thought it would be faster that way.

I tried getting rid of nito in maintenance and then reloading it but it’s still acting the same.

Do you think the problem is with Nito or my hub? If it is Nito, is there a way to erase it cometely and reload a fresh one? Or is there another approach I should take?

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Oh, and I did delete the ‘mounts.plist’

I thought there would be a simple way to delete Nito and start again. Is anyone else having problems with Nito?

Also having issues mounting - suggests SMB in instructions - won’t allow that option…tried one of the other two options - one allowed the mount but it doesn’t work…I had just had to factory reset - spent two nights trying to get the bugger to remount…no luck. Why oh why does this seem to happen every four months or so (crashing after working perfectly for months?)

Also have problems mounting my Linksys NMH410 to Apple TV - the problem sounds similar. The Hub is connected through a Thompson gateway and shows fine on my pc and labtops.

I have tried searching this forum, Linksys forum and other places for a solution, but come up empty. Either no one uses a Linksys Media Hub with the Apple TV or noone else has this problem. I cannot see it in Nito nor Sapphire.

I can see folders in the Boxee app but when I try to play a file, Apple TV crashes and restarts…

Two weeks since first post? Nothing ?