Nito network setup not working in 4.1.3

After successfully setting up (and using for a couple of weeks) Nito mountpoints (smb), I seem to have problems doing the same after the 4.1.3 atvflash update. I’ve diligently followed the networking-wiki page, restarted the Finder on multiple occasions, removed and recreated mountpoints from scratch, run the SmartInstaller again, and so on. Upon correct information, Nito networking always says the share is “busy”. Upon using incorrect information, Nito correctly says the path is unknown. After exhausting all possibilities, I’m posting for help here.

There was one (!) occasion when Nito networking was successful. However when I went to use Custom Path (as I did successfully under 4.1.2), it would not connect, again saying the share is “busy”. Upon reverting to non-Custom Path networking, leaving everything else exactly the same, Nito networking reports the share is “busy”…and has ever since.

The odd thing is that all networking works wonderfully under XBMC! I’m playing movies, DVDs, music, etc. Just can’t figure out what’s bugging Nito out with this update.

Any suggestions? Tom

Just wanted to post back and say that I got everything recognized. How, you ask? I wish I knew. All I know is, I walked away from the unit for a few hours, then came back and found it completely unresponsive. In fact it was cool to the touch and appeared shut down. After cutting/restoring power, ATV booted up normally and from that point on recognized the previously declared mountpoints. I guess the moral of the story is: Reboot if it should work but doesn’t…maybe even cut power and reboot?