Nito menus

since updating too the latest Nito TV update, preview pics in the Nito File Menu have mostly disappeared. they were all there before, now it’s just a few, and i can’t figure out what’s different about those particular files??

re-started aTV, then reinstalled Nito, but made no difference.

Are you referring to images for a particular movie or images like folder/drive icons?

although the folder and drive icons appear to be different from previous versions, possibly, i’m not really sure.

my query here is actually referring to the photo images that were generated for particular movies. a few are there, but most aren’t. just large, low res icons.

If you re-run the Smart Installer the icons will be replaced with high-res versions. If you would like the auto-generated thumbnails to appear you can toggle this option through the nitoTV → Settings → General menu.

thanks max :slight_smile:

i had already run smart installer, so you’ve explained why the icons got better.

i never found the preview toggle option when i was rooting around yesterday. got it from your instructions just now, and found it OFF. turned ON and was disappointed that i still didn’t get all the previews. a quick reboot sorted it out.

many thanks again :sunglasses: