Nito, ATV Files or Sapphire on 3.4.4????

hi all,

i’ve been happily using a network mount watch movies using nito ‘dvd’ on the menu, but now i’ve installed 3.4.4 im surrounded by choice and i dont know the plus or negative points of using ‘nitotv’, ‘files’ or ‘media’ from the menu. can anyone explain which is best to use? oh and yes they all work :stuck_out_tongue:

also quite oddly they are all picking up the network share i created in ‘nitotv’ settings, are the setting files all linked?




So after I upgraded to 3.4.4 I also tested Sapphire :wink:

For me this one is the best. The network share shows up. All movies and tv shows has the information as well as a picture. When playing the movies no laggs or anything similar.

Nito TV sometimes lagged for me. Media is not good for me with the network share.

So sapphire is number 1 for me :wink:

nothing lags over ethernet but when im on wireless i get lags on nito and atvfiles so ill have to try sapphire out all id done so far is just make sure the share appeared.

so is it purely down to preferance and which works the best?

For me yes. I really like sapphire a lot. It works smooth and fast compared to all other things within Apple TV.