Night on earth


Since December I no longer have a cover for the Night on Earth series:

Any ideas?

It shows a poster on TVDB so it should be there. Have you done an Edit Metadata and re-selected the correct series?

Yes I did and, I forgot to mention, it’s same for my brother.

I just created this series and like you it shows no poster, even when refreshed. There is a poster but it’s not being picked up by the API for some reason.

The one thing that may be causing this is there is no “Language” specified on TVDB so it may not go out for requests that specify a language like Infuse sends.

I’ll keep digging on this. :wink:

Thank you :+1:t2:

It’s the same in Sonarr.

Okay, as a test I duped the current poster on TVDB but on this one I specified “English” to see if that makes a difference. Now for the waiting game for it to be disseminated on their servers.

Okay, if you do an edit metadata now it should pull in the cover art poster. I just did and edit metadata on my test files and it’s working now.

The one I added yesterday is now being provided. Strange but workable.

Let me know if you get the cover now.

Hi, thanks, it’s ok :+1:t2:

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You’re welcome! Sorry it took so long but at least for now it appears that the posters may need to be associated with a language. Thanks again for hanging in there on this. :smile:

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