NFS with Synology


I installed the product last night on my apple tv 2.  I can get SMB shares from my Synology 411j to work just fine.  However, when I try to use NFS it’s not working.  I went and changed the NFS permissions in the synology using the XBMC ATV instructions.  Basically, editing the permissions to insecure_locks to just insecure.

I’ve been able to get the nfs shares via XBMC but not via media player (which I like better).

I’ve tried

Server:  NASIP/volume1/myfolder

Server:  NASIP/myfolder

with admin credentials AND no credentials. 

Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a way to verify the NFS share path name?


JOe K.




Still trying to figure this out.

Is the NFS share being detected on the Apple TV or are you setting it up manually?

Are SMB and AFP working?

SMB works that is what I’m currently using.  I’m not using AFP.

I am manually putting in the credentials because I can try more combinations.  I copied the XBMC setup to make sure the Synology NFS plays extra nice.  Not sure if that’s necessary with this set up though.

Your best option may be to use the auto-detect option (if available). This should ensure the connection settings are 100% correct.

Also, as far as I know, I don’t think a username/password are required when streaming via NFS.

I’ll give it a try again and update you on my findings.


P.S.  I love the software, mainly the media player!

if I pause will it buffer a video? If so, how much will it buffer?

I’m also having problems seeing my nas the first time I enter the media player. To remedy this I manually run a scan on my library. After that I can usually see it. Is there a way to make it scan on opening the media player?

If a movies not being registered or a tv show is being called a movie is there a way I can at with those associations at all?


I tried the auto search and it didn’t pick anything up.

Any answers to these questions?  :frowning:

Come on!!!

Don’t use NFS.  I had simluar problem wiht my 411+ so just revert back to AFP & SMB connections.


Thanks for a response.  However, are there any answers to these questions?  I paid $30 doesn’t that come with some tech support?  I don’t even care about NFS anymore, it’s more trouble than it’s worth.  However, these other questions, I’d like answered.


If you paid $30 already that means you already have Atv flash (black) already… The questions that you are asking is different for everyone as it all depends on your set up.  I can play my media just like if I had a DVD in a DVD player…Where you can fast forward, pause, rewind with no issues.  The only way to tell is for you to set it up and give it a run.  If you have any problems Firecore would be happy to help you.   If pausing is causing buffering you can set up a support ticket and they will look into it for you.  For me I don’t have ANY problems pausing any media with buffering.  

Generally if you purchase any product you get support, especially software.

I was wondering that if I pause will the video buffer a bit, kinda like pause a YouTube video to reduce buffering. I am wondering if pause has that same effect.

Also, when I first enter the media player it can’t find files in the shares until I “test the connection” then it works fine. Wondering if I can auto test the connection on start up.

Finally wondering if a movie is registered as a tv show can it be reassociated as a movie.

Asking a question to be answered in a support forum after paying for software is not unreasonable.

I can say I have never had a buffering problem that I had to pause for a minute for it to buffer out.  I understand what you are saying about YouTube but I haven’t had any buffering problems unless it was something of mine that was causing the problem.  I had a NAS that I was thought it was the file that was causing me buffering but come to find out it was the NAS.  I had a file that was broken so I converted it into another one it worked perfect without buffering.  When you go to your share and hit “test the connection” right under it after it say on your TV successful do you hit “save changes”?? Do you have to reconnect every time you start up meaning go back to share and hit “test the connection”?? If you save changes after "test connection you don’t have to mess with it anymore and just enter your media.  Hope that answered your question.  

Which movie are you referring to?  The movies get pulled from make sure the name of the movie match the name there.  Another thing is to make sure when you hit the center select on that movie that it is set to movie.  Asking a question in the support forum is not unreasonable but 90 to 95% of everyone in the forum are just customers as yourself.  There is a lot of problems that you might run into that another might have ran into their self and can help you solve the issue you had.  We can only help you but so far as having a support ticket they can see more and do a test and see more of what we can’t.  

I haven’t had a buffering problem.  Occasionally there are some dropped frames and I figured that if I could pause for a minute or two at the very beginning of the video it would drop less frames.  I figured I can do it as an easy precautionary measure.  However, if the software doesn’t have that built in then I’m doing it for naught

Yes and Yes.  I just have to “test the connection” in order to get it to talk with the NAS using the SMB credentials.  After it communicates, it seems to jump right into the folders.  I have to do this when I first open the media player.


Turn on ATV
Open Media Player
Navigate to Folder
Loading screen for 2 minutes (or more)
Hit Back because there are no videos
Go to settings
Test Connection - Test Passed
Navigate back to a media folder
Loading screen for 5 seconds
videos appear

I’ll have to look for the movies example.  I just know that there are movies that register as TV shows and Vice Versa.  It’d be nice to manually associate the incorrect ones with the correct categories.

So there is a setting to change a video category?  Change movie to TV show, Other to Movie, etc…

I figured because I’ve seen James answer most of the questions in here that this was the place to ask for help from staff.

JOe K.

Only thing I see you missed was after Test Connection - test passed right after your test passed click SAVE CHANGES. 

Why would I need to save changes, if they are already saved?

Your changes are not saved till you hit save changes all you did was enter your info and click test connection.   Its just like making a word document…You can edit type put pictures but its never saved till you hit save.  Other then that you will be doing it over and over till you decide to save your changes.  Hope that helped