NFS - Sort Names

Hello all,

I have a PMS in my room that acts as a family server so my family can access it via Plex in their respective rooms. I was using Infuse with my Plex server but because of issues with our ISP we may be going without WiFi or internet access for a while, so I was planning on changing to an NFS connection rather than connecting via Plex.

One thing I love about Plex is their ability to deep dive into customising metadata - titles, sort titles, cast, writers etc… One problem I have with the NFS connection is that I have no way of changing the names and sort names of the films without changing the folder names. If my folder names are changed then my entire media automation system will need to be altered every time I add a new title.

It sucks because with NFS my Star Wars films for example would be in the S, E and R sections of the alphabet rather than just S, and my transformers movies would be completely out of chronological order.

Was just wondering if metadata editing/name editing/sort name editing was something you were looking into, as that would make me switch over in a blink. Also, the logos don’t work on Plex servers so that would be another reason for me to switch over.

I believe that if you browse using the Library > Collections both of these will be grouped and in the correct order.