NFS sharing using ROOT_SQUASH

I thought I should give the NFS sharing option a try in the new 5.2 version. The only way I can get it work is by using the NO_ROOT_SQUASH option for the share in the share settings on the NAS. Using NO_ROOT_SQUASH is normally not a good idea because if the NFS client is run with root options it will also get root access rights on the NFS share. For some unknown reason it does not seem to work if I map the connected user to special user account on the NAS with the ROOT_SQUASH option. This special NAS user has read access to the share and is actually the same user I use when specifying a SMB client connection (which works fine). When using the ROOT_SQUASH mapping feature I can see the share’s directory structure in Infuse but Infuse does not seem to recognize any files, all folders are “empty”. Any ideas?

What type of device are you streaming from?

On my Synology, I am able to access files normally with the default Squash value of ‘No Mapping’.

Screenshots here. Best speed between SMB and NFS? - #13 by james

I’m using a QNAP HS-210. I guess the Synology term “No mapping” is the same as the NO_ROOT_SQUASH option, and that is also working on the QNAP but not what I want to use. There is also an ALL_SQUASH option that maps all users to the selected one but that option does not work either. Only thing that seems to work is the NO_ROOT_SQUASH option, which normally is not recommended to use for security reasons.

Hmm, based on the other options available I believe ‘No mapping’ means NO_ROOT_SQUASH is disabled. Just for fun, I’ve just tried changing it to ‘Map root to guest’ and was still able to connect.

Do you have an option for setting the NFS version on your NAS? If so, you may try setting it to v2/v3 instead of v4 to see if that helps.

I’m not sure I agree. My guess is that the Synology settings means:

No mapping = NO_ROOT_SQUASH
Map root to admin = ROOT_SQUASH to admin account/user
Map root to guest = ROOT_SQUASH to guest account/user
Map all users to admin = ALL_SQUASH to admin account/user

But now you also tested “Map root to guest” and that worked for you. This probably means that the guest account must have access to your share, otherwise that would not work. In my case the guest account is denied access to the share for security reasons so that is not option.

Unfortunately there is no way to choose the NFS protocol version on the QNAP. I will try to figure out what protocol it is using and get back to you.