NFS shares

Hi all-

This may be more of a bug report than anything as I don’t think too many people are running 5.2.1 yet, but I managed to jailbreak using the latest Seas0npass beta (Version 0.9.0). Anyway Atv flash doesn’t see NFS shares (and I can’t seem to add them manually either). SMB works just fine. XBMC runs beautifully on this system and sees all shares, including NFS shares from my MyBook Live Duo. 

One more item that I presume is a bug: since installing atv flash, icons on the Apple TV main menu aren’t “sticky”; I can move them wherever I want, but once I enter any application, upon return they’ve reverted. 

Cheers in advance for any advice. 

yeah i get the same thing… can’t see nfs shares through media player… also i’m finding afp and smb shares to be slow when loading some folders… up to a minute just to show folder contents. 

the same folder from my laptop has no problem (win8)