NFS shares losing connection

I have been a very happy Infuse user for quite a while with very few issues to speak of and everything working as it should. My trusty Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra4 started to run out of space, so I bought a replacement, a Netgear ReadyNAS RN104.

After moving my movie library across to the unit, establishing the new NFS shares and repopulating the metadata, I was ready to test. Unfortunately, I have encountered an annoying problem that I am unable to debug. Whilst watching a movie, every ten or so minutes, the spinning wheel will commence and the connection to the share will be dropped. Note that this is not buffering as it never returns. The only way to correct is to double press the Home button and swipe up to remove the active instance of the Infuse app. Restarting Infuse will normally allow you to recommence the movie from where it ceased to work.
After every third or fourth time, this technique would not work and you get the obligatory “An error has occurred”. Restarting the AppleTV can sometimes circumvent this obstacle. Other times, it just refuses to reconnect. Going through Settings->Library shows that the shares on the new NAS have failed to index. After playing around with settings for 3-5 minutes, it may decide to reconnect. After this reconnection, recommencing the movie works fine, albeit for another 10 or so minutes.

The only thing I have changed in my setup is the NAS. I am connecting via 802.11ac from the Wi-Fi access point to the Apple TV. Everything else is on gigabit Ethernet.

Unfortunately, the error messages provided by Infuse do not give a lot to work on. All I can think of is the following:
1/ The replacement NAS is so underpowered that it cannot support a single user streaming a 1080p movie. [Highly Unlikely]
2/ The NFS service on the NAS (ReadyNAS OS 6.9.2) has configuration options that are fundamentally different from the old NAS and I am not aware of them.
3/ The NAS is going into a sleep/hibernation mode inappropriately
3/ Definitely not a permissions issue, ‘cos I can play the content.

I suppose a workaround may be to move the 4x4GB drives [RAID 5] into the old NAS enclosure, but that is “on a wing and a prayer”

Anyone come across a similar problem ??? Using the latest production release Infuse 5 and tvOS versions.

Does Infuse implement NFS v3, v4, v4.1 or v4.2 ???

Turn off sleep. Servers do not sleep. Period

Power Management screen (attached below).
Should I just turn off as suggested? I wouldn’t have thought it would cause the symptoms I am seeing.

Yeah you shouldn’t spin your discs down.

Turned off all power management on the NAS and it made no difference. Arrrrrrrghhhh!

I’ve upped the NFS thread count on the NAS config to see if this makes a difference.
Next step is to swap back to SMB. I moved away from SMB due to significant buffering issues.