NFS share doesn't work anymore

Since jailbreaking my Apple Tv 2 with the latest seasonpass and having had many problems installing the media browser, I only get the AFP share to work. With NFS share I get a error message while trying to connect to my iMac where I share 2 folders. It worked perfectly before with the tethered version and I have tested my NFS setup.

Any clue or help? Thanks

Ok I solved the problem by myself.Case closed!

What was the solution (in case anyone else has the same problem).

As no one answered my post, i’ve figured out that the problem was on my side. I used NFS manager to setup two shared folders. I restarted my computer (which I didn’t do after the jailbreak) and everything worded out fine.

I am encountering the same problem with the media player. After updating my ATV with the latest seasonpass I cannot add a share. Used to work fine, never had any issues. When I attempt to add a share it continually searches for it. I have not changed anything in my setup except for updating my ATV. Any help or suggestions appreciated, thanks in advance

Hi, how did you resolve this issue - i am having the same issue

I used “NFS Manager” for OS X to setup my shared folders. At first, I erased all the folders which used to work before the update (2 in my case). Then I installed them again, tested the shared NFS folder with the same application. I restarted my computer (very important). Turned on my Apple TV 2 and did the same setup as usual…and it worked. In other word, I did a fresh install.

Hope it will help