NFS server on MacBook Pro via WiFi: Kodi has twice the bandwidth than Infuse

This is my current setup:

  • MacBook Pro with macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 beta
  • MBP connected via WiFi
  • Apple TV 4K with tvOS 11.2.5
  • ATV 4K connected via WiFi 5Ghz at 250-300Mbps

I discovered yesterday (with my surprise), playing some Jellyfish demo videos at high bitrate (, that Kodi via NFS has more than twice the bandwidth than Infuse. 13-14MB/s vs 5-6 MB/s. Or, in other words, Kodi goes above 100Mbps, Infuse stays below 50Mbps. With Infuse buffering heavily with high bitrate videos (some UHD HDR demos at 60+ Mbps included).

I have been surprised because usually I always had issue with NFS bandwidth, so I don’t know if Apple updated anything in the last macOS release(s). Still I can’t understand why there’s so much difference between the two apps. The NFS protocol should be the same (although maybe not so the implementation in the two different apps?).

Any idea?