Nfs not working


First of all I replace an old HTPC with Kodi by AppleTV 4K with infuse. The application is really great.

With my Synology I create a NFS share with following settings :

  • Map all users to admin
  • Read/Write
  • Allow connections from non-privileged ports
  • Ip of the AppleTV
  • Two share /volume1/film and /volume2/serie

The trouble is Infuse don’t see the NFS share, I try to add manually but I think I am not using the good syntaxe (you can see a capture in enclosed document)

SMB share is working fine but i prefer use NFS.

Could you help me,

Best regards,

Welcome to the forum!

There is a bug in the current version which is affecting auto-detection of NFS shares, though this will be resolved in the upcoming 5.9.2 version.

For now, you may try entering the IP address (without anything after it). Once the share has been saved, you will be able to browse your NFS share and add favorite(s) for only the folders you desire.

5.9.2 is now available, and includes a few fixes for NFS.

Please give it a try and let us know if any other issues come up. Thanks!

Dear James,

Thanks for your reply, i will install the new release this week and give you a feedback


I have just try 5.9.2 version, nfs sharing works fine !

Thank you for your responsiveness and for your team’s commitment.

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