Nfo Files Not Propagating

I was trying to find a thread that dealt with exactly this issue, but I am trying to get metadata manually applied to a movie file. Most of my movie collection is foreign films and/or I find the metadata fetching to be skimpy or wrong, on these titles.

On a macintosh, I can’t get an nfo file to upload through the browser interface, so I’ve used iTunes and FTP to access the folder structure inside my iPad. So far, the poster and fanart is being attibuted to the movie file correctly, but the nfo file refuses to take, and the “ticket” comes up empty, with the exception of the movie format. Any hints?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s a sample of my nfo file:

Code 46 2003 In a dystopian future, insurance fraud investigator William Gold (Tim Robbins) arrives in Shanghai to investigate a forgery ring for "papelles," futuristic passports that record people's identities and genetics. Gold falls for Maria Gonzalez (Samantha Morton), the woman in charge of the forgeries. After a passionate affair, Gold returns home, having named a coworker as the culprit. But when one of Gonzalez's customers is found dead, Gold is sent back to Shanghai to complete the investigation. 1hr 33m //runtime in minutes Code 46.jpg Not available 0 tt0432337 Michael Winterbottom Tim Robbins Samantha Morton

Sorry, obviously, I pasted the code and it’s not showing inline due to HTML.

I’m also having this problem. Any help?