NFO-Editor for Mac?

Hey :wink:

I’m searching for a Tool (for Mac) to edit my manually generated NFO-Files in a more comfortable way.

I would imagine a Tool which shows the NFO Tags in some kind of Column to edit it more comfortably instead of using TextEditor and searching for the Tags…
Something like Excel to see the Tags in a Table for easier Editing :sweat_smile:

Is there a Tool available for this? :wink::+1:

In case it is interesting for someone :wink:

I have found an really great and intuitive XML/NFO Editor Tool to just edit the Text-Tags!

Easy XML Editor Pro
It costs 28$, but it’s really worth the money :wink::+1:

Is there not an XML editor bundled with Xcode?

I don’t use Xcode :wink:

So, you wanted to hear about applications you already use only??


I was looking for a Tool. But then I had found this Program itself and I thought maybe the Tip is useful for someone :wink:

Yes, and XCode includes such a tool. And it’s free. So it’s useful for someone. :slight_smile: