NFO changes not applied with "Refresh Metadata"

Unless I’m missing something it seems like if I make manual changes to a local NFO file, simply clicking “Refresh Metadata” will not make those changes show in Library View. It seems like there is some kind of caching where, unless it’s seen as a new movie, the NFO file is ignored. The solution is to manually “Edit Metadata” on the movie and choose the NFO but if you’ve just bulk edited hundreds of NFO files that’s not feasible. So the only really solution seems to be to completely clear all Metadata in Settings and let it reindex. If I’m wrong and there’s a better way I love to know about it. Maybe I’m just missing something? I would think that “Scan for Changes” or “Refresh Metadata” would pick up changes to local NFO files but that doesn’t SEEM to be the case? I guess the typical use case it to use TMDB and only have the occasional local NFO file in which case a manual refresh of that indivdual movie via “Edit Metadata” would suffice.

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This is the only working bulk-update solution I’ve so far encountered. :confused:

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It’s pretty frustrating. I have over 1000 movies with NFO files and a complete delete and rebuild takes hours and hours on my iPad and if it fails at some point it doesn’t seem to be able to recover, and I have to start all over again.

Currently, Refresh Metadata is a specific task which pulls down new metadata and artwork from TMDB.

This is also done automatically in the background on a daily basis, but only for items which have had updates on TMDB since the last refresh.

In general, most people aren’t changing NFO files often, so these are only updated on a title-by-title basis when using the Edit Metadata option. The same logic also applies to things like video specs (codec, resolution, runtime, etc…) as updating these is a time-consuming process.

Thanks James. I understand the reasoning. Still might be nice to have a refresh option that would also check for NFO changes. I suppose once I get my NFOs (and I have a LOT of them) pretty much dialled in and do another total re-index from scratch, I could, from that point forward, just do individual “Edit Metadata” updates per movie as I make them. At the moment though I’m doing a lot of NFO work in bulk to get this (admittedly very custom) library sorted. Thanks again.

Yeah, this probably makes the most sense since I’m guessing the NFO files won’t change much once you have them the way you want them.

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Hey James :wink:

In Hindsight it was really a very bad decision to switch from TheTVDB to TMDB :frowning:

These guys are really rude and unfriendly. Entries are simply deleted for no Reason or it is not accepted if something is clearly a Miniseries.

Fortunately we can already completely customize Movies in Infuse with NFO files!
But Unfortunately, we are still dependent on TMDB to customize TV-Shows, but this must change urgently after so many Years!

I’m trying to convince you that we get at least the Possibility to override the Title-Tag with NFO-Files. Then we could just use any TMDB-Entry as a Template-TVShow and use that for all TVShows and just override the Series-Title.

This Title-Tag-Support would be a major Step forward and it would save us a lot of Hassle and Discussion with these TMDB Guys :wink: :+1:

Hey :wink:

I have a special Question:
Is there a Way to Update Changes in the NFO-Files (for a TV-Series) but without “Edit Metadata”?

The Reason behind this is the following:
I created a new entry of a TV-Series at TMDB. But this entry was now deleted by the guys :rage:
But in Infuse, the series is still recognized by the earlier assignment. I have recently made some changes to my NFO files for this TV-Series. And now I’m “afraid” to reassign the metadata, because then probably the Series will not be found anymore…

Is there any other Way to update the NFO-Files in Infuse but still keep the old Assignment?

But is there another Way?

Yeah, I’ve oft confirmed that when Infuse disassociates a media file with it’s TMDB-derived internal identification, it also disassociates that file from any custom .nfo metadata it formerly had accepted … and there’s no way to subsequently convince Infuse to reacknowledge the file’s association with the metadata contained in the linked .nfo file without Infuse first being able to again query TMDB and reassociate that file with a an entry in TMDB’s database that is then still currently extant.

It’s a real drag.

Until Infuse will read .nfo without requiring media files first be matched at TMDB, our .nfo are next to worthless for preserving accessible metadata beyond database deletions, TMDB changes, or user media filename changes.

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I honestly don’t understand why Firecore wants to introduce this direct mediaserver integration first. Instead of first fixing this fundamental issue and introducing full NFO support for local Shares!

James himself said that still the majority of users use local Shares… So this should be the first Priority to finally get rid of the TMDB Dependency… :thinking:

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Best I can figure (and I’m sure @james can correct me or clarify the situation if he cares to), the reason this won’t work with TV series is Infuse processes TV episodes files similar to the way it processes individual movie files; but TV series are processed in much the same way Infuse processes TMDB Movie Collections (with Series essentially being TMDB collections of specific tv episodes).

[ You can’t edit the titles or genres of TMDB collections via .nfo, either, and neither respects the same alphabetical title-sorting rules that individual movie files do. ]

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Probably because the former is more readily achievable.

I think Infuse will likely require a complete code and/or database rebuild to put TV media content on the same level of metadata customizability as movie media content; because of the above.

Yes, but it would help us a lot if we could at least override the “Title”-Tag.
This would be solve many Problems for us, until the full TVShow Support for NFO-Files arrives :wink::+1:

I assume you are referring to the <showtitle> tag (which is the title of the TV series the tagged TV episode belongs to) as opposed to the <title> tag (which represents the title of each specific episode in a series); because we can edit the <title> tag and Infuse will display our custom TV episode titles same as it displays our custom Movie titles.

Infuse does not respect overrides of the <showtitle> tag. I suspect this is because a user could enter as many unique strings in the <showtitle> tag fields as episodes of that series exist in the library … and how then would Infuse choose which is the correct name for the series?

I further suspect this is the same reason Infuse similarly does not respect TV episode genre tags, or read from movie <set> tags.

Infuse also does not read from tvshow.nfo files — where metadata applicable to all episodes of a series (such as the series title, series genre, and series regular cast and crew member tags) might be stored in a format which otherwise might be useful to Infuse.

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Yes, exactly I mean the <showtitle> Tag (the Series-Title under the Poster) :wink::+1:

It would be great if we simply could change this Showtitle-Tag and change the Name under the Poster.

Because then we would be able to use any TV-Show as a „Template“ to override everything to „create“ our Custom-Shows :+1:

Strangely, XML already let us override the Genres for TV-Shows. But the Problem is: XML don’t support Cast&Crew Picture and Role Overriding …

Ok now I’m confused. I do not use fetched metadata or embedded metadata. All my metadata is in local NFO files. I just made a bunch of changes to a couple hundred NFO files. And I thought deleting all metadata from the general settings and clicking refresh metadata in the library settings would reset everything and reflect my changes but it does not. I’m still seeing old metadata after a metadata delete and refresh. It’s very frustrating.

I have 3 devices… Mac, iPad, AppleTV. Is it maybe getting the old metadata from iCloud? Should I disable iCloud on all 3 devices then delete all metadata on all 3 devices then let the data rebuild on the Mac and then turn iCloud back on? How can I reliably get all of my NFO changes reflected on all 3 devices. I’m at the end of my rope to be honest. Very frustrated. If it wasn’t for the superior UI of Infuse I’d probably be looking for a different media library solution.

I think you need to enable fetched metadata. I might be mistaken, but I believe Infuse only recognizes .nfo metadata for files that it has successfully identified first through querying and fetching metadata from TMDB. The local .nfo metadata then replaces that derived from TMDB.

You might need to erase the iCloud data. I usually do that when I make big changes to the content of my library just to be sure outdated data isn’t lingering around anywhere.

Thanks. But why would there be an option to disable metadata fetching if metadata fetching always has to be turned on? In any case my NFOs from before DO work and I’ve always hate fetching disabled it’s just that any changes are not reflected.

Anyway I just disabled iCloud everywhere (iPad, AppleTV, Mac) and deleted the metadata in the Infuse settings everything and deleted the iCould data in “Manage Storage” and I’m letting the Mac Infuse rebuild now. Hopefully that does it.

UPDATE: That seems to have worked actually (without turning fetching on). So if I make a lot of NFO changes I need to delete everything everywhere and disable iCloud and let my Mac rebuild (going to treat that as the “master” since my media drive is attached to it) then turn iCloud back on when the Mac is done. And turn it back on on the other devices.


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