NEXT video / PREVIOUS video

Hello everyone - really REALLY basic request here, but how come we do not have a “skip to next video” / “go back to previous video” function in the player ?

We have the ability to advance (scrub) at 3 different speeds.
There is a ton-load amount of functionality that I’ll never use.
However, I can’t skip directly to next video in a play sequence ?

This is essential when doing a “shuffle” play.
By definition, shuffle will pick media at random.
That was a critical function to have, and devs be praised, it was finally available in v6.
But what when the shuffle provides something that you do not want to see? And you just want to skip to the next title?

Equally, sometimes I’ve felt like going back to the previous title I was proposed by shuffle, but that is just impossible.

Please devs, how hard can this be?

Many thanks, and congrats by the nice work so far.

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