Next episode shortcut

Hi there,

First, thanks for this wonderful media player, by far the most reliable under the ATV 4K!
Just purchased it yesterday and for now on I’m quite happy.

I just have 2 requests/advises for future updates :

-Is there a way to implement some kind of shortcut through the Apple remote (by the TouchPad like double click on right or left panel to go to the next episode or previous episode)? Or a quick option in the episode menu (after sliding down to bring the episode/movie menu)?
So we can quickly and easily go to the next episode without waiting the credit’s end… Or without stopping the episode by going to the movie/episode list menu for choosing the next one…

I’m kind of used to watch 2-3 episodes at one time and like to get a shortcut like “Next track” or let’s call it here “Next episode”. Shame the main Apple remote isn’t a bit more complete with 3-4 more physical buttons like “Next track” but it could be then interesting to implement a workaround inside Infuse.

-Another request would be to be able to specify to play a specific subtitle language but only when there is a specific audio language.
Little exemple as I’m used to watch or French movie (specified as default language if this language is available in the movie) but with French forced subtitle if there is or without subtitle at all.
And English audio movie but with English subs

Coming from Windows, I’m used to have such possibility through other players with specifying options like eng:eng (English audio with English sub) or fre:fre-forced (French audio with forced French sub).

Shouldn’t be complicated to implement but yes of course, maybe not a very asked feature…
Even though, that would be a plus for this wonderful player!



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