Next Episode button without Continuous Playback

The title pretty much sums it up, I would love to use the new button without having continuous playback enabled.

I often watch shows to fall asleep and depend on Infuse stopping playback to allow the Apple TV to turn itself and my TV off automatically. Enabling continuous playback is therefore not an option for me, but the button would be very handy.


Sounds great to me! :+1:

I’m one of those who doesn’t binge watch often except when there’s a cliff hanger and I know it will bug me till I see what happens. This is what this feature really targets! LOL

Absolutely would love to see this as well.

It seems that having the next button available all the time without having the continuous playback selected in the options would be a plus for the dev too since you could do away with the code to calculate the percentage of time remaining and also not having to check to see if the continuous playback is selected in settings.

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I don’t think I’d want the “next episode” button selectable two minutes into a fifty minute episode, though? Figure I’d be more likely to select it accidentally than purposefully. Is there a use case where you’d want to hit “next episode” long before getting to the end of the episode?

Considering that in order to use the next episode to begin with you have to first bring up the user interface and then you have to swipe over to the “next” button that would seem to be enough interaction to avoid accidental use but that’s just my thoughts.

Being old we’ve been known to be watching an episode that we’ve realized after few minutes of viewing we’d seen previously and wanted to skip to the next. Sometimes we’re just looking for a specific scene and it would be nice to have the next episode button.

I just don’t see it as a hindrance to have it available as long as it takes a couple of intentional movements like touch, swipe click.