"Next Episode" Button Visible for Entire Episode

Sometimes when I’m on the last episode of a season, the Next Episode button shows up for the entire show, even if there isn’t another season to go to. I can’t remember if it has happened during EVERY last episode, but definitely more than half.

I haven’t seen this happen personally.
One thing that may help is if you can provide details of your setup.
That is…are you using Infuse natively via SMB, ftp etc…or do you have it connected to Plex or Emby or Jellyfin?

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Infuse on my Apple TV 4K is reading a Google Drive folder. It just happened on the season finale of the next series I’m watching.

Just as a troubleshooting step, the next time you see this on a series that you don’t have a next season try the next episode button and see where it takes you.

Also even if you do have another season try it and see if it takes you there. You can always toggle the watched status of any episodes you want to so you can return to the right order.

Here are the shows I experimented with.

Koala Man. They just released their entire first season. In the season finale, the Next Episode button shows up the entire episode. If I click it, it jumps to around 45 seconds before the end (23:07 in the example I attached above).

Paul. T. Goldman. It’s five episodes into the first season, more are coming out weekly. I marked them all as unwatched and went through one by one. The NE button did NOT show up at all during or near the end of episode 5.

Abbott Elementary. 12 episodes into its second season, more are coming out weekly. The first season finale, the NE button showed up at the end, and when I pressed it, it went to S02E01 as intended. Season 2, episode 12 (currently the most recent, the NE button shows up the entire time. When pressed, it goes to the very end of the episode, then returns to the title screen of the episode.

Life and Times of Tim. 3 season show that ended years ago. The entire thing seemed to have worked as intended. The NE button only showed up at the end of episodes and in the series finale, didn’t show up at all.

Edit: Tried one that was comparable to Abbott Elementary. Fantasy Island is just two episodes into the second season. In that second episode, it did not show the NE button during or at the end. So who knows what the pattern is.


I can’t seem to replicate this here with a few series. I even tried matching episodes against the series you are seeing issues with, and those also worked as expected.

There may be a strange encoding issue with one of these files where the timestamps, or some other flag Infuse uses is off.

Any chance you would be able to upload one of the problematic episodes so we can review it here?


Well, to make things more complicated, here’s what I just tried.
I went to Koala Man, all the episodes are marked as watched. I went to the last episode and played it and no NE button throughout or at the end.
I then went to the episode before that, scrolled over to the end, hit the NE button to go to the last episode, and this time the NE button was there throughout.
So it just is showing up if I play the previous episode.