NEWS. Seas0npass and Sn0wbreeze fails to jailbreak 4.3 (even with blobs)

seasonpass 0.9.2 does not at all seem to work for older versions anymore, neither does the sn0wbreeze+ifaith trick. I’ll try to be as in depth as I can.

Apple TV 2, A1378, when i recieved the box it was in a stuck state and wouldnt  boot. I used Ifaith to see which SHSH files were available. 4.3 8F455 was available so i downloaded it. I used Ifaith to create a custom ispw with the proper signatures and blobs and was able to get the ATV on version 4.3 successfully. Now that I have my blobs saved I attempted to use the beta version of seasonpass to jailbreak, which allows you to save the blobs. I right clicked on the create ispw option and selected the appropriate firmware, 4.3. About 4/5 the way through , It kicked back an error saying: seasonpass ha detected critical errors and cannot continue. I guess the beta trick no longer works, so my next step was using Sn0wbreeze. Next, I selected my shsh file and ispw file, and select ifaith mode to jailbreak it. upon completing it, it loads ireb and i did the 7 seconds trick to put it into a restorable state. I opened Itunes, after hearing the ATV kick in and out of DFU, it stays on the preparing apple tv for restore and hangs up, ive left it on this screen for over 30 min to no avail. nothing.

I know the blobs are good, as i was able to use ifaith to create a signed copy of 4.3 and restore the atv2 to run 4.3. I connected it to the tv and 4.3 is on there, boots right up. but how on gods green earth do I get the device jailbroken. NOTHING seems to be working. Ive been fighting this thing all day and realized that 5.3 was released. has this stopped the beta version of seas0npass from being able to jailbreak even early versions such as 4.3? 

no shit! I been trying since the AM and still now and no luck :frowning:

Nothings going to work. going on day 3 now. believe me, Ive tried it all. If anyone else knows any other tested and approved method to jailbreak on 4.3 please let us all know, I know EVERYONES waiting on it

still waiting, anyone found a way around this??? please help out.

I have today managed to jailbreak 5 Apple TV2s all running 4.3.

Use TotalCommander and follow the instructions.

I couldn’t believe it, I’d been trying to get them jailbroken for weeks using Seas0npass and Snowbreeze.

Hi Orlando I just did 3 Apple tv 2 that I bought brand new last week with firmware 4.3 8F45, vey easy to do with season pass 0.92 beta on a Mac couldn’t do it on a PC.

But I recommed you that first get the shsh in a pc using iFaith 2.52 or higher to upload the shsh to their server cause the last one gave me an error and it lost the shsh so to get it back after several attemps I have to factory restore it.

hope this helps.


when following this guide, did you use your own downloaded 4.3 ispw file since thats what you have the blobs saved for or did you disregard that you have 4.3 and use the given 4.4.4 files with the 4,3 blobs? 

I wasn’t aware that I could slip the SP patched files into my iFaith signed IPSW file.


I’d be intersted if you can.  I just used a 4.3 SP patched image and my signed 4.3 iFaith IPSW.

Why this echo I have I do not know.

ian, im confused. you did jailbreak you apple 4.3 using this tutorial you pasted right? so did you use the 4.4.4 files that the tutorial said to use, or did you use your own 4.3 ipsw files and follow the tute using your file instead of their 4.4.4?

did you successfully jailbroken your apple tv 2? I have the same problem 4.3(8F455)…

Orlando what I did was:

1.-Brand new Apple tv 2 with firmware 4.3 (8F455) connect to PC by micro usb open iFaith version 1.51 or 1.52 save shsh.

Unplug from PC.

2.-On a Mac connect Apple tv 2 open seasonPass 0.92 right click on create ipsw, there you look for your firmware version (4.3 of of course) and from  then on process is automatic.

Hope this helps.