News channel and video text smooth problem

I have many videos FHD recorded from TV news channel using my tuner VU+ Ultimo 4K BUT something is wrong on ATV 4K text is really hard to reading, on VU+ the same video is perfect and text scrolling is super flawless and smooth.

Please download this file not watch on google player.

VU+ Ultimo 4K tuner/player

This is recorded source file:

Thanks for the report!

We’ll take a look into this.

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I use latest beta atv firmware and latest Infuse stable.
My screen settings 1080p 50hz and Match Frame Rate ON.

Just checked video also on panasonic ub820 video/text scrolling is super smooth.

Looks like this is problem with deinterlacing.
I tested all options available in Infuse and all work bad for my recorded videos.

Hi, did you check problem?

It’s on our list, but we haven’t had a chance to dig into this just yet.

This should be resolved in Infuse 7.3 and later.

Thanks for your patience.

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Good news I will test and report.

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