Newly added TV-series no longer recognized in library, put to others (Infuse Pro 6.3.1 - 2950)


Yesterday I noticed that newly added TV-series are no longer added to the library correctly, not is their metadata fetched. The folder structure and naming convention on the files has not changed and for some reason new episodes that are added to an existing TV-series do work.

When navigating to the folder with all series via favorites, the main folder is visible (without artwork) and the episodes avaialble show up in the root of the folder. However, when I look at the filestructure on my NAS they are in a folder names according to the Season the episode aired.

Could there be an issue with the recently released version? (I do not add series that frequently, so did not notice sooner).

Let me know how I can help investigating this.


First it’d be helpful to know what series and a sample of the file names you’re using. Second, thetvdb has been working through a list of problem series that caused issues with their new database roll out so the one you’re seeing problems with may be one of these.

Also, if you do an Edit Metadata does it offer the correct series as an option? If so, Infuse will remember the corrections you make when you select the correct show.


Thanks for getting back to me. For example, I have added “Goliath” and made sure Season 1 has all episodes. See attached screenshots from the ATV interface. I’ve also added a screenshot from the folder structure on my NAS.

What is interesteing though is that when I open the iOS app on my iphone and it scans the library, the series are recognized and all the meta-data is found. When I then open the library on my ATV the information is shown correctly.

I’ve tried to replicate it with an golden oldie, Dexter, and that shows the same behaviour.




It appears that you don’t have the episode numbers in the file name Like “Goliath S01E01.mkv” so Infuse may be having problems without it.

I do though, see attachment. The previous screenshot didn’t show that correctly. If I didn’t I would expect the iOS app also to have the same issue.


What happens if you try an Edit metadata on one of the problem files?

it can’t find any relevant information

Force quit the Infuse app and restart it, then try the Edit metadata again. You can also restart the ATV and try it again.

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Followed up on this tip and added a new series for testing purposes, it is recognized and metadata is downloaded correctly. Is this a work-around that is needed regularly?

Wouldn’t say “regularly” but occasionally if you notice that when you do an Edit Metadata and it comes back real fast with no choices on each letter you enter that seems to be the sign that thetvdb has quit responding and a restart of the Infuse app usually gets things back. I first used the ATV restart and that worked but the less “nuclear” option of force quitting the app and then re entering it has worked consistently for me too.

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