Newly added movies showing in incorrect order in movie list


Infuse 7 on Apple TV has started placing newly added movies at the top of my list of movies, rather than displaying them in alphabetical order. This has only started happening recently, so I don’t know if there has been an update that has introduced the issue.

Has anyone else seen similar behaviour and know of a fix please? The movies show in the correct order in Plex, and the movies that were added before this issue started to occur are all ordered correctly also.

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Sorry you’re having a problem, where are you seeing this behavior? When viewing a share or in the library? If the library, what section or sort?

A screen cap may help.


This is when viewing shares. I don’t use the library, I just set up favourites for movies / tv shows from 2 different plex servers on my home screen.

In the attached screen cap you can the first movie should be 3 men and a baby. The preceding movies have been added to Plex recently and are showing at the start of the movies list. As mentioned, they are correctly ordered in plex.

Many thanks