Newby question Apple Tv2 painfully slow

So i have owned an apple tv 2 since christmas time but never took it out of the box. So pretty recently i decided to take it out and try and jailbreak it. Little to my dismay i found out that the latest 5.2.1 was not jailbreakable. ( i understand that now it is)

So back to my issue. Well i was able to jailbreak my apple tv 2 using the xbmc guide on jailbreaking atv2 using ifaith and seasonpass. I was able to jailbreak with no known issues. I am running apple tv software 4.4.3(3323) os build 5.0.1.


Well my issues is that when the apple tv sits idle it seems to loose its connection. I noticed that after waking up from sleep that the ip address was incorrect in the settings and i would need to start the wifi setup (actually just selecting the router and ending out corrects the issue). To correct this i by putting a manual ip address. But it still seems to drop and come back. I am wireless but right next to the router. My ps3 is next to the apple tv and i never have any issues.


second issue is that the menus are so damn slow. I will hit the arrow button and nothing will happen. This is in the main menu and also xbmc. Is there anything i can do?


Please help

I am assuming that this isnt normal. I was wondering if i should rejailbreak the player. I looked everywhere and i cant find anything regarding this any help would be awesome. Thank you

Also something else i noticed. When sitting on the about screen the Wi-fi network and ip address will go from having information to NA and then come back.

The only thing I can think of currupt, is your router is seeing the Appletv diferently than the PS3. Check in your router settings to see what your PS3 is set for (DHCP or Static) and set the Apple tv to the same.

No the settings are the same. I mean it gets an ip address and everything. I can view youtube it all works. I even have a roku and its setup the same. I also have tryed by forcing an ip address and also allowing to automatic. Both work the same. I can view streaming videos and the streaming doesnt drop its just the menus not responding and droping the movies tv shows music menus. it doesnt seem normal.


Ok so i give up on wireless, i hard wired network to my apple tv. Noticed that the network no longer drops but the menus on the main menu still arent very responsive.

example when apple tv comes from waking up i can push any button i want nothing happens until finally something happens and then it seems fine for awhile until i stop going through the menus and all of a sudden the menus arent responsive again.

Any Ideas? Seems like no one else has had this issue. I did hear that apple tvs had wireless issues. Maybe i have a bad apple tv? I just wanted to make sure that i am not barking the wrong tree. Is it something i can fix such as a jailbreaking problem or is the device just bad?

 thank you for the help 

Looks better now. Seemed to be an issue with the apples wifi. I had read that there were some issues with the wifi on the atv2. Well all is working awesome as long as its pugged into an ethernet cord.