Newbie video playback questions

So having played around with Plex on the ATV4 and run into some issues with both Plex and the ATV in general I’ve been taking a looking at infuse (on my ipad Air2 for now) and now I have questions, which aren’t simply a matter of searching FAQs.

  1. With plex on the ATV4 I’ve run into BluRay rips of mine what when I set plex to Unlimited, so it will play them un-transcoded, it has video hickups. Its like it exceeds the max bitrate the ATV can handle. This also actualy happens on my ipad Air2. Those same videos play fine with infuse on the ipad. So I’m wondering just how infuse works. Is it transcoding video? Given I couldn’t find any bitrate controls I assume its just playing them straight like Kodi does on other platforms.

  2. The whole DTS support thing. Clearly Apple hardware doesn’t support those or support passthrough to avrs by default. Am wondering how infuse does it. This will be especially important for when the ATV4 version comes out. Is it passing it through somehow? or just decoding it as PCM or something?