Newbie Struggles

Hello all. I just signed up with PRO. I love everything about it. No buffering 4K and Dolby Atmos which I could NOT get with Plex or Emby.

My needs are very simple. I have Plex and Emby shares I subscribe to to watch Movies and Shows.
That’s it. No other media sharing of any other means. I watch only on 2 Apple TVs 4K 2019, 2021.

My struggles start with Search and Playlist. I just want to find things faster and save in one place for easy access. It shouldn’t be that long (search) and difficult (playlist).
It is likely my setup is not optimised !!!

Been trying few days to play around the settings but it is getting worse not better and frustration levels rising…so here I am…

What is preferred method to search Movies,
TV Shows ?
Search symbol on Home Pg or search fr Library ? Another method better/faster ?

How to speed up search ?
Ive disabled Meta Fetching.
What other things to disable/enable in settings ?
I have 3 “small” Plex servers, 2 “small” Embys.

Yes Im on WIFI for now but soon Ethernet 1GB.
I trust only Admin can install Emby Plugin so no action required on my end ?

Why am I constantly asked to “Create Playlist”? Does every Plex/Emby share require a Playlist ?

What is the preferred method to create just 1 solitary Playlist for everything saved and have it on my Home pg.

Trusting that new episodes will appear in the playlist. I disabled “Up Next” but may enable it back.

Thanks for your patience and support.
Much appreciated.


The easiest way to search is to use the Library search option in Infuse. This search will include everything that is part of Infuse’s library. You can add/remove items from the Library by adjusting the items found in Infuse > Settings > Library.

The metadata fetching setting won’t really have an effect when using Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin as Infuse is always going to fetch metadata from these servers instead of pulling down its own from TMDB.

Installing the InfuseSync plugin on your Emby server is highly recommended, as it will make indexing updates in Infuse dramatically faster.

Playlists will sync with your Emby/Plex server. Creating these in Infuse will also create matching playlist on the server (and vice versa).

People use playlists in different ways, so it sort of depends on what you are looking to do.

In addition to manually creating playlists, you can also pin various categories (genre, age rating, release date, etc…) from the Library to the Home Screen to view content directly. You can do this by selecting the list icon which appears in the upper right corner of the Home Screen.