Newbie - Seas0nPass updated yesterday- what's new?

I have been reading on jailbreaking for the last few weeks and decided this week to try it out. Loaded Seas0NPass on my aTV2 4.4.2 and went on to load XBMC. Last night, I received a message on my Seas0nPass software that an update was avaialble (0.7.9(260)) I think.  Later last evening, my aTV2 locked up when I when I was trying to download Icefilms (228MB) and needed to reboot. Seas0nPass told me that it was unable to reboot since teh version of my aTV2 was not supported. I am guessing this is because of the update. Had to re-install Seas0NPass on the aTV2 and then re-install XBMC.

  • I have not seen any information on the new release of Seas0nPass...what'ns new?
  • How do I save my add-ons (XBMC and whatever else I put on the aTV2) so I do not need to re-install everything everytime there is an update?
Also, other than web browsing on the aTV2, what does aTV Flash (Black) give me that XBMC does not?