Newbie questions

Hi, and thanks in advance to anyone who answers these questions

I have just bought and installed ATV last weekend. Generally OK, I managed to make most features work OK. Some initial teething problems with airmouse and Sapphire but I think I generally know what I’m doing.

I have a 1tB external drive which I haven’t yet connected to my apple tv but want to shortly. I don’t want to use it as the default drive, but as an external drive. I still want to sync my music and photos with iTunes to the internal drive. At the moment the external drive is connected to my Mac.

I have read the instructions on the website about how to connect an external drive and I think I will be OK with that. my external drive currently is about half full with tv shows and movies. As I understand it, by not making this drive the default drive I can just connect this drive and it won’t delete either the files on it, or try to sync with the internal drive on Apple TV.

My questions are this:

(1) As I convert more of my DVD’s after the external drive is connected to the Apple TV, I assume I use cyberduck to FTP them to the external drive. (I have done this successfully to the internal drive). I assume once an external drive is connected I can see it in cyberduck so I can choose to send files to it rather than the internal drive, right?

(2) I assume I can somehow point Sapphire to the external drive first of all to get the metadata on my files and secondly, tell Sapphire (not AppleTV) to default to this drive so it comes straight up when I go into the Sapphire menu?

(3) Once the external hard drive is connected to my Apple TV (and not the Mac) can I still add/delete/edit subfolders? For example on the hard drive at the moment I have folders at the top level called “Movies”, “TV Shows”, “Music DVD” etc and then further subfolders under those (i.e. under “TV Shows” is “Seinfeld”, “Curb”, “The Office” etc.

Again, thanks in advance

Really? No one?

  1. Yes, when connected the external drive will be listed in the Movies folder when connected via FTP. This will allow you to transfer files directly to the external drive.

  2. Sapphire will automatically catalog the contents of the external drive and organize the files in the respective Movies and TV Shows menus.

  3. Folders and files can be added or removed via FTP using Cyberduck.

Cheers, thanks for that.