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Hi, guys
I’ve been tracking the Infuse development for iOS/tvOS since version 4, but I really started using it a few days ago, when I purchased an AppleTV 4K. I’m coming from an nVidia Shield TV box (I actually still use it in my bedroom now and also as a Plex server for Infuse). Overall I must say you did an impressive work. I have a few questions, though. Here we go :

  1. Is it possible to make Infuse group collections in the lists similar to Plex. I mean - when I browse movies, the movies that belong to a collection does not get grouped in a sublist, but just get listed flat with the rest of the movies ?
  2. Each Plex library has a setting “show on dashboard”, which eventually hides the given library content from the “recently added”, “on deck” etc lists when unchecked. I really like this option, as I have my home videos in Plex in a separate library, so I can Play them, but I don’t want to see them in my recent lists etc. So, does Infuse respects this setting or if not - is it possible to be implemented at all ?
  3. How Infuse translates the Plex URL-s. I mean - does automatically looks for a file through SMB or it can be set to use NFS somehow, i fnecessary ?

That’s it for now. I’d eventually add more to this thread when I get more hours of use and test more features of Infuse.

Here’s a few answers for you. :slight_smile:

  1. Support for Collections in Plex is not available yet, but is planned for a future update.

  2. You can pick and choose which Plex libraries are included in Infuse’s library by checking/unchecking items in Settings > Library.

  3. Infuse uses native Plex connections, which are http based. If you prefer to use SMB/NFS, you can set up a direct connection to your Mac, PC, NAS, etc… using SMB/NFS. Doing this would allow you to have Collections in the current version, but you would be streaming outside of Plex.

Thanks for your swift reply.

  1. Ok. Clear.
  2. Yup, this worked.
  3. So Infuse actually streams from the Plex server ? This comes a bit as a surprise for me. Anyway - I’d like to put a request for change then : an option to use Plex as library manager/provider, BUT with the ability to translate the urls to paths and and directplay them.
    As I said - I’m coming from ShieldTV. Now, as much I like Plex for it’s powers as a librarian with its web interface etc., as a streamer/player - it sucks big time. That’s why I’m going for Infuse on the apple tv at first place. So what I did on the Shield is to setup Kodi with PlexKodiConnect which works exactly this way - it uses the Plex library, yet the media url is auto-converted to a SMB one (actually there is a setting to convert it to whatever you want, which makes possible to use SMB, NFS etc). This way the library is fed to Kodi with direct paths, which Kodi direct plays perfectly (while Plex usually plays them, but not so perfectly, doesn’t mentioning the horrible subtitles support).
    I understand the advantages of using a streaming server such as Plex as a balancer and transcoder, but in most of the cases, using it more like a library manager and let Infuse to play-da-ting would be probably the better choice for users that have Plex, yet - trying to go for a better player.
    I would’ve used Infuse standalone as you suggest, but it is too much of a hassle to take care of several different libraries, while I could just watch after Plex’s library and then have it everywhere. Also, sorry to say it guys, but as library manager Plex is far better, especially it’s hassle free web interface where everything can be done quite fast from a PC.

An additional question that popped up :
4. I see apart from the collections, actually Infuse does not respect Plex libraries separation either. I mean - all Plex libraries go straight under a common movies or tv shows list respectively. Since I have several separate movie libraries and tv show libraries (like “movies”, “movies for kids” etc.), the question that comes in : do you have plans to implement this too ?

  1. Actually, this is pretty much what Infuse does right now. Infuse will use Plex’s metadata, but be able to access the files directly. This means you can direct play everything, without have to use Plex’s transcoding features at all. :slight_smile:

  2. By default, Infuse will index all your Plex libraries but you can prevent this by selecting which libraries you want to index via the Settings > Library menu. Additionally, you can mark one or more Plex libraries as Favorites to have them displayed on the home screen. A bit more info on how Infuse works when connecting to Plex can be found here. Streaming from Plex, Emby, and Jellyfin – Firecore

  1. Errrm … yes … almost. Just the data travels like this : NAS > router > Plex server > router > device, while it could be : NAS > router > device, if I’m not mistaking. I’m gigabit wired all the way, so it is not an issue for me, but if you go wireless - it could be with high bitrate files. More concerning is that Plex server has it’s very own (and often wrong) opinion when direct play is applicable and when it’s not, so if you’re sure you can force it every single time - that’s fine, otherwise - it is a big problem.
  2. We’re talking different things, I believe. In Plex I have let’s say the following libraries : “movies”, “movies for kids”, “tv shows”, “tv shows for kids”. When I enter Infuse library, I see “On deck” etc., BUT only “all movies” and “all tv shows”. “all movies” has Plex’s “movies” and “movies for kids” mixed. So there is now way to browse them separately from the Infuse library nor it is possible to add them to favorites as separate sections. So, the question is : am I mistaking or Infuse really just mixes all Plex movies in one and all Plex tv shows in one and if so - do you plan to improve this ?
  1. The streaming is actually direct from the NAS to Infuse. For all intents and purposes, Infuse only uses the Plex server to list files and fetch things like metadata, artwork, watched statuses, etc…

  2. If there are certain Plex libraries you don’t want to have indexed in the Infuse Library, you can uncheck these from the Infuse > Settings > Library menu. Then, if you like, you can add a direct Favorite (shortcut) to these libraries which will appear on the Infuse home screen. To do this, simply locate the library you want to add in Infuse > Settings > Shares > Plex Share Name and long-press on it to add as a Favorite.

  1. The thing is I do want them to appear in the Infuse library, but the same way they do in Plex - structured in … how to call it … sub-libraries if you want (they are called just ‘libraries’ in Plex) and it seems like Infise library has just “All movies” and “All shows” and that’s it - everything piled up in one place. Am I correct, if so - do you plan to improve this ?

If I understand correctly, you have videos grouped into different libraries in Plex.

These libraries are equivalent to Favorites in Infuse, and you can pick and choose which you want to have Infuse index for its library.

For example, if you have 3 libraries, Awesome Movies, Super Shows, and Kids Shows - having all three selected would cause Infuse to group them altogether in the main library area, which is used for various categories (top rated, genres, etc…).

However, say you wanted to have Awesome Movies and Super Shows included in the library but have Kids Shows separate. You could do this by checking only Awesome Movies and Super Shows in Settings > Library. This would prevent videos from Kids Shows from appearing in Infuse’s library. After this is done, you could add a Favorite for Kids Shows so it would appear with its own icon on the home screen. This is done through Settings > Shares > Plex Share Name.

I get it now. Thanks. It’s a bit weird, though, I must admit. I’d say managing all this through the library itself is what to be expected. Anyway - what I need is doable the way you describe it, thanks again.

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