Newbie questions: Jailbreaking, SMB vs uPNP, covers, metadata, new versions


Hi Guys. I have ordered an Apple TV 2 and plan on buying ATV Flash. I have a couple of newbie questions though:


1- If I understand correctly I can jailbreak iOS 4.4.4 using Seas0nPass and run it untethered. Is there any reason why I should save my SHSH blobs before upgrading (assuming the device comes with a lower iOS)?


2- I have all my movies on a Conceptronic NAS. I can stream to my WDTV Live via SMB and to my PS3 via uPnP. Is it true that ATV Flash doesn't support uPnP streaming?


3- I already have my Movie folders populated with folder.jpg covers. Is there a recommended size for the covers (in pixels)? For example if I use 180x240 covers will the ATV Flash display them in that exact size or will it zoom them to the point it looks pixelated?


4- I read that ATV Flash gathers metadata automatically from the web. Will it populate the folders being shared via SMB automatically to use in the future or will it redownload the info every time I turn off/on the Apple TV?


5- When a new ATV Flash comes out can I upgrade straight from the menus or I'll have to jailbreak all over again? I'm assuming some ATV Flash versions will depend on you running a more recent iOS version, forcing me to jailbreak again.





1)  ATVFLASH now has the ability to save BLOBS

2)  You can play UPnP via XBMC client on ATVFLASH

5)  You can upgarde via a workstation on your network.  the upgrade software will find the ATV on your network and make the changes.