newbie question

What is the difference between tethered and untethered ?  what are the pros and cons of each?

Tethered means you have to plug ur device into a pc/mac to boot it in a jailbroken state ubthered means you don’t

There is no downside to a untethered jailbreak (other than the fact it might not be available)!

A tethered jailbreak means that any time you hard reboot your ATV or power it off-on you are going to have to reconnect it to your PC/Mac via USB to complete the boot.   This is not normally to much of an issue if you leave your ATV2 powered on when not in use.  Putting it to sleep is OK and will not require the tethered boot when you wake it up again.  The reason that there tethered boot jailbreaks at all is that they are easier to implement and thus normally appear ahead of any untethered boot jailbreaks.

Ok so I am about to do the tethered jailbreak as seen here my computer is down stairs and my tv is upstairs so I will have to unplug it and move it upstairs … will this not work as it has to be plugged in when it reboots?

a laptop would be much easier to use if you had one, but yes once it is booted tethered you cannot unplug/lose power, otherwise you would have to boot tethered again, therefore you cannot boot it tethered on you computer then disconnect and bring it to your tv. you would have to do it at your tv where it will remain.


ok Will do it with my laptop :slight_smile: I assume that if for some reason I need to reboot thats what the option boot tethered is for in seas0npass