Newbie question

Just downloaded this onto my TV HD, have been using VLC until now. Is there a way to navigate to the folder containing my videos (on Time Capsule)? I tried creating a favorite, but when you do that the videos have to be at that level, you can’t burrow down any further. Since the folders beneath the top level change frequently I don’t want to have to keep creating new favorites and deleting old ones.

i.e., I typically download a season of a show then bing it until I’ve gone through everything. I might have dozens of these shows going at a time, all under a top-level folder called TV. With VLC I could see the top-level folders (TV, Movies, etc.) then burrow down to ST and access all the videos there.

What makes you think you cannot go down a level from a favourite? I have favourites of TV and FILMS and have no problems drilling down into them…

By what I see. Looking at the attachments you can see TV in the Favorites listing, clicking on that brings up a notice that there is nothing under it. In reality there are 4 folders with content.

Those folders in your pics I believe are the ones Infuse creates when you install it and are actually shortcuts to sorts in the Library. They aren’t the folders you have called the same thing on your server. These will come into play after Infuse completes a scan and populates the “Library”. When you add a share under the settings you have to create a favorite for those. There’s a users guide that may help here Streaming From a Mac, PC, or NAS – Firecore .

Also, I’m pretty sure that if you connect via DLNA that may cause the Library to not be available. Most users use the SMB protocol to connect to shares and the Library works great.

When you add a Favorite to Infuse, it will appear with an orange star icon on the home screen. This will allow you to browse via a basic folder view.

The other colored icons (blue Movies, pink TV Shows, green Other, red Playlists) are part of the optional Library feature. The Library is handy as it can group content from multiple sources into a single location, and allow you to browse using some handy filters like rating, genre, release year, etc…

You can manage which Favorites are included in Infuse’s Library through the Settings > Library menu, and a bit more info can be found here. Library 101 – Firecore

NC, apparently it took overnight, and then some, for the drive to be scanned, everything appeared when I got home today. Thanks.

James, I haven’t seen the stars, but I may be missing them, I’ll take a look again. Thanks for the color information.

All, with my Mac connected to the internal network, will I be able to stream videos on it?