Newbie Question Re: External Drive

Just purchased my first aTV and plan on applying the patch when it arrives. My plan is to hook up an external drive to it for storage, but am wondering whether I will be able to FTP directly to the external drive from my Macbook or whether I will need to first move files to the aTV’s internal drive via FTP first and then move them over.

On that same note, would there be any advantage to replacing the stock 40gb aTV drive with a larger one as opposed to simply going with the external drive?

Thanks in advance.

I did the same thing! 40GB ATV and added a 750GB external drive. I have no regrets.

As for FTP, you can access the external directly with Cyberduck but…

You’ll need to use FUGU if you want to FTP into the internal drive. I don’t do it, I just let iTunes sync to the internal and I FTP to the external and all is well. . . .

Great!!! Just what I needed to know. Thanks for the prompt reply.